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Some of our reviews!!!

Kathy Arena
Kathy Arena
Luke of Federated Mortgage did a great job handling our reverse mortgage. He was very easy to work with, friendly, professional and kept us updated throughout the whole process. We closed much faster than expected and he made the process easier than we had anticipated! I would highly recommend Luke at Federated Mortgage if you are in need of a reverse mortgage.
Steve Haskell
Steve Haskell
The team at Federated Mortgage did a great job on our reverse mortgage. As a former reverse mortgage specialist the bar was pretty high and they surpassed my expectations.
John DuBois
John DuBois
The team is extremely helpful in working with our clients and knowledgeable about how they can best utilize one of their largest assets, their home.
allan cityrka
allan cityrka
I had a good experience with federated mortgage they were very helpful in getting my reverse mortgage and thanks to Kyle who helped move things along
Barb Levenson
Barb Levenson
The folks at Federated Mortgage were just wonderful for me to work with. The acquisition of a reverse mortgage was often over my “pay grade.” They were patient and kind and I would recommend Craig and the group to anyone!!!
Jackie DuBois
Jackie DuBois
I have referred a few clients to Federated Reverse, and Craig and Kyle have been quick to reach out to them, provide information, and help them determine if a reverse mortgage is right for them. They have been very professional and informative. Highly recommend!
eugene bailey
eugene bailey
They were very attentive with regards to my business matter. They work very diligently to resolve my problem. Very professional, courteous and consistent which made me feel at ease . I highly recommend them to represent anyone who needs assistance/help in resolving your situation..
george payne
george payne
Good experience with Federated. Hecm to Hecm reverse mortgage helped to reduce interest rate. Communications were good.
Bill DeMarchi
Bill DeMarchi
I would like to compliment Craig Schweiger on his handling of our request for information on Reverse mortgages. He was prompt and professional in his response with a full detailed explanation of our options. He presented us with a variable rate and a fixed rate option with monies due at closing for both. Our mortgage request was for a new purchase and while we eventually decided to stay with a traditional 30 year mortgage, I would not hesitate revisiting the Reverse mortgage option in the future. Also I would not hesitate reaching out to and working with Craig, he could not have been any kinder and more professional to work with.
Michelle Rekrut
Michelle Rekrut
Craig's knowledge of the program, patience, availability (even spending over 3 hours with me on a Saturday!) made me more confident with his proposal for a reverse mortgage. I would not hesitate to recommend Craig Schweiger or Federated Mortgage Corp. for your needs. Thank you, Craig!

How Do I Know if I Qualify for a Reverse Mortgage?

This is where our team of experts can guide you though these complicated waters.  After checking your eligibility by clicking here, we will be your advocates throughout the entire process from start to finish.

We know that a reverse mortgage may appear to be one of those “Too Good To Be True” things, but rest assured, it’s truly a safe legitimate government backed product!

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Benefits seniors may receive from a reverse mortgage:

  • The reverse mortgage does not require the borrower to make monthly payments

  • Pay off an existing mortgage and bring an end to outgoing payments or use available proceeds to pay off other current debts

  • Reduce and lock in a lower rate on your mortgage and preserve equity

  • Purchase a home that is right for you without worry of payments

Access the equity in your home now and start living life to the fullest

  • Improve, repair, or even remodel your home

  • Secure a fixed monthly income for 5 years or the rest of your life

  • Add an additional source of assets for retirement with an available line of credit

  • Give to your children, grandchildren or causes near to your heart

  • Have regular dinner dates, take vacations, join the golf/tennis club

  • Reverse Mortgage

  • 62 Years Old Minimum Age

  • HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage)

  • All costs may be financed in the mortgage!

  • Origination Counseling

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